Review of September 27 Fashion Show

On Monday night, September 27, the Volunteers

On Monday night, September 27, the Volunteers presented their first fundraiser since 2019-A Fantastic Fall Fashion Show.  We would like to thank the following sponsors for helping us with this project:

Dublin Lions Club for the venue

Ponnie's Boutiques & Gifts for the fashions

UAW Local 2069 Volunteers for Set-Up

The Southwest Times for publicity

All our members

Check out one picture of each model from the three outfits which they modeled:

Susie McGuire
thumbnail (1).jfif

Lydia Hickam

thumbnail (2).jfif


thumbnail (3).jfif

Ginger Clayton

thumbnail (6).jfif
thumbnail (4).jfif
thumbnail (5).jfif

Deborah Akers

thumbnail (7).jfif
thumbnail (8).jfif
thumbnail (9).jfif
Samantha Simpkins

Becky Agee

Shelia Johnson

Susie Weaver

Cary Sutherland