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The Veterans Tribute Arch is the newest project for the Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery Volunteers as we strive to honor our veterans.  The fundraiser will consist of a two-year drive to collect donations to purchase the Arch.

Currently members of the Veterans Arch Design/Construction Committee are developing a design for the arch which should appropriately blend with the current structures already located on the cemetery grounds.  Upon completion of the design and approval by the board, the committee will move forward on construction and installation.

The Arch will be placed at the beginning of the entrance to the Memorial Walk which runs the length of the cemetery ending at the Wall of Honor.  Already a donation from the AMVETS, Pulaski, Virginia has enabled the cemetery to purchase the digital carillon unit which plays military, musical selections, and chimes the hour and half-hour each day.  This Carillion, which is currently located on the roof of the administration building will be moved inside the arch when it is installed.

Support of Veterans groups, Industry and businesses, civic groups and private citizens throughout Southwest Virginia will make possible the placement of this permanent memorial to honor those who have served our country.

Check our Contact page for additional information.  

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